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Blue Sky Energy has been actively involved in the Solar Power Energy Systems Industry since 2006.

With our 35-year background in general and electrical contracting for residential, commercial and industrial installations, we have always been on the leading edge of integrating and installing sustainable building systems and custom energy efficiency services that create value for our clients. Our building experience in solar power energy systems coupled with our knowledge of photovoltaic (PV) solar panel systems and custom installation methods gives us a thorough understanding of the design, incentives, entitlements and value engineering that goes into the construction process.  In the residential and commercial / industrial solar panel installation space we have experience in the installation of roof mounts, ground mounts, and installations utilizing solar panel support structures. In addition to solar panel installations, Blue Sky Energy offers completely custom energy efficient upgrade services including cool roofs, HVAC upgrades, and efficient electric lighting and lighting controls.  Blue Sky Energy excels in the areas of custom hard-to-conceptualize and hard-to-build projects, maximizing client’s value by maximizing Internal Rates of Return (IRR).

We are proud to call ourselves an Authorized Sunpower Dealer.

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Blue Sky Energy, a local Pacific Palisades solar installation company, run by Gary Rochlin, a recognized and commended Energy Efficiency expert will guide you through finding out what type of solar system is right, and the most efficient solutions for your home and business. We have a passion for solar and are standing by to discuss your solar installation project with you. Remember that with the 2014 being the warmest year on record. Global Warming, and rising energy costs are not buzzwords anymore but a grim reality. Take advantage of tax credits and easy financing as long as they are available and install solar right away. Not just are you saving money but you are reducing your carbon footprint and are doing your part to save the earth.